Continuing on the series of jewelry pieces, this page will serve the purpose of offering those who crave for a vintage look, some insight into some classic choices when it comes to a more traditional outlook – brooches and pendants. Well-known for their vintage, often retro look, these pieces of jewelry will certainly draw looks and will not pass by unnoticed. In the following paragraphs, information about both brooches and pendants will be offered structured, in order to facilitate an easy understanding.

  • Brooches: basically being like enlarged pins, brooches will almost always feature some metal in their composition and they will be garnished with additional elements, such as colorful plastic or glass bits, engravings, fido flowers or even precious gems, for the more exquisite ones. Since the placement of the brooch is highly variable, due to its pin that favors ease of use, determining the right place for such a jewelry piece can be tricky. Some of the most classical choices in terms o placement include in the scarf, on the sides of the collar of a particular clothing piece, the pockets of shirts or placed around the area of the heart.
  • Pendants: necklaces with a more refined nature, pendants are often-times carrying a precious stone or element that is positioned centrally in the main piece. Using more traditional materials for the string, such as leather or natural strings, pendants will usually have much longer strings than necklaces, due to the way they are being worn. Be it precious stones, animal fur, pebbles or even a foldable, metallic picture holder, the main element of a pendant is its central piece, which is on display every time. Being initially worn by those who were regarded as highly ranked in the society, pendants have managed to make their way through time and are still being worn by those who wish to express a different, more interesting look.