Achieving a preferred look can often-times be a challenging task, regardless of the type of outfit or garment that one might prefer. This can also be seen when selecting jewelry pieces, as their variety and diversity can also pose considerable difficulties to those who wish to choose single items. This page will offer a series of guidelines for easily determining what jewelry piece might be appropriate for a particular outfit, garment, event, social gathering or outing.

  • Determine the overall color-theme of the outfit: if the outfit will feature a more flashy, brightly-colored theme, with vivid accents and prominent elements, it is certain that the accompanying pieces of jewelry must not be too bright and noticeable, as they will overall increase the vividness and highlights of the outfit. If the apparel features a more down-tempo theme, with calmer and less-vivid colors, than the perfect choice of jewelry pieces will encompass colorful, saturated pieces, with bright elements, for compensating the overall look of the garment;
  • Understand the purpose of each jewelry piece: studying the different jewelry pieces, be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches or pendants, can prove to be quite useful, as each and every single piece has its own particular characteristics, which highly recommend it to a certain outlook, or not;
  • Learn which are the best color combinations: understanding colors and how they can be combined is another great asset to have when selecting jewelry pieces to go with a certain apparel. Learning about color complementary relationships can greatly help as well. For instance, a blue dress will most certainly be well balanced with a desaturated orange bag, or a red hat will look great on a green outfit;
  • Balance the proportions: as all jewelry pieces come in different sizes, choosing an appropriate size to go with a particular outfit can be crucial in achieving a preferred look. Larger pieces will obviously attain more prominent, noticeable looks, whereas smaller pieces will add subtle accents.