When one decides to go one step further and leave aside the classic, main accessories for apparel and garment, like bags, purses or watches it becomes quickly apparent that the items that can constitute accessories in one’s garment are almost endless. Necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses or even earrings, the possibilities for combining these with apparel are infinite.

By combining such smaller accessories with the general outfit, people can create subtle differences and add noticeable changes in their garment’s appearance. By harmonizing the little items with the more prominent ones, such as the base apparel, watches, bags or purses, and by trying to achieve a desirable combination, one can increase the visual value of a certain style. Those who wish to find several extra accessories can look at the functional and aesthetic requirements that their apparel needs, and start from there when looking for a particular element.

Since accessories such as sunglasses, necklaces, earrings or bracelets are less prominent than other, larger ones, when trying to combine them, users need to need their influence in order to accentuate the other ones, and not the other way around. This in turn means that a well selected extra accessory, such as a great pair of sunglasses, will be considerably enhanced if the wearer will also sport a watch that features similar color themes or a bag with a related motif and color.

When accounting for the geometry, shape and color of the extra accessories, people can assort them with their garment much easier. Balancing the combined elements is one good strategy, regardless of the elements that need to be associated. For instance, if a person wishes to wear a bracelet in combination with a red bag and a silver watch, that person needs to select the bracelet in such a way that it balances the other elements.